Saturday, July 24, 2010

In Bloom

This afternoon, an idea for a new belt popped into my head. Some scraps of fabric, a few buttons, and the remnants of bijoux passé later, I have a poppy peony creation!

At first, I had a hard time attaching the flower to the chain, because the chain I selected was really fine. So I took some wire and some Loctite glue and fastened it to the belt.

I found some really great templates at Martha Stewart that were originally for wedding accessories but I couldn’t resist trying it once I saw the peony template.

Also, be sure to choose something stiff for the fabric if you're going to attempt this. I used this polyester blend I found at the remnant bin at the fabric store and next time, I’m either going to use interface or a fabric that will sit up better against the hip.

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