Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer, Stockings, and Stunners

After a successful shopping experience with my grandmother yesterday, I have brought home a new trend I’d like to try.

Behold, the stocking! I know, hold the applause.


There was something about the socks on the mannequin at Forever 21 and the perusing of fashion shows on that really set me off. Dior was what really got me going. I’m convinced it’s a French thing. There’s something about French designers, the language, and the culture that I really identify with. Of course, Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler  is to DIE for, but I love the details of Chanel, Hermes, and Yves Saint Laurent. Who else could pull off a collection of decadence and opulent colors?

Of course, I’d have to be very careful on what I wore with said stockings. It can be Blair Waldorf-chic, but it can be borderline trashy. So something delicate contrasted with my Steve Madden oxfords. It would be perfect for the winter, which seems like ages from now.

I am fully planning on taking pictures of myself in back-to-school outfits as soon as this hot weather decides to be gentle on my hair and school is underway. The first order of business? The red dress, a suede-ish skirt, and a Grecian goddess..


  1. So cute...the leggings, socks or whatever they are called at that length are to die for. Perfect for you.

    Thanks for you expertise about the widget. (-: